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If you are not sure about what this tradition is, the information below will explain why the first look might be a great tradition to incorporate into your wedding day celebration. It will not only add a precious moment to your overall wedding experience, but it also helps streamline the day and make it less stressful. While I always recommend to have a first look, this is a personal decision that only your and your groom/partner need to make.

The first look is an amazing part of the wedding day. Simply put the first look is a private and intimate moment when the bride and groom see each other before the ceremony. As with most aspects of a wedding, the first look has its pros and cons and it's definitely not for everyone. In my professional opinion the pros of a first look outweighs the cons and if its done right, the first look can add a beautiful experience to your overall wedding experience.

Before you decide if the first look is right for you, you need to understand if the advantages it offers are important to you. No one can make the decision but you. We as your photographers are ok with whatever decision you make. The day is not about us or anyone else. It is your day!


  • The main advantage of a first look is that you get to see to groom/partner before the ceremony in a very relax and intimate environment.
  • The first look is a very emotional, as such, it its very common for the bride & groom to share a tear or two the moment they see each other for the first time. Having a first look gives you the time flexibility to freshen up your makeup before the ceremony.
  • Since all your photographs will be taken right after the first look and before the ceremony, you, your family and your bridal party will not miss the cocktail hour!
  • A first look will let you spend time alone with your groom/partner before the craziness start. Weddings by nature are very hectic; your guests are trying to congratulate you, the DJ needs you for last minute details, the venue wants you to get ready for your grand entrance, everywhere you go there's someone or something that needs your attention. The fist look give you a nice time to relax!
  • Your photos will look amazing! I have no problem photographing a wedding and creating amazing images in every scenario, but having a first look gives you more time for your portraits with out the stress of looking at the clock and someone have 5 minutes!
  • The first look gives you the flexibility to choose a location you like. Since there's more time we can even squeeze a second location.
  • The weather during the winter months is crazy and iIt gets dark very early. With a first look, you can have all your photographs taken during daylight!


  • You want to keep your wedding day very traditional.
  • Timing - if you decide to do a first look, you might have to get ready earlier and be in your wedding dress for a longer period of time.
  • Some of your family members might miss the part of you seeing your spouse for the first time.
  • Your dress might get a bit dirty. Although we are extremely careful, there is always the risk of picking up a bit of dust, leafs; etc.
  • You will not be officially married in your portraits.
  • Just remember that at times you might feel pressure from family members, bridal party or vendors thinking that you must do it. Having or not having a first look is your decision alone. This is your day!


We are perfectly OK with any decision you make; however, we strongly belief that the benefits of a first look outweighs the disadvantages. Weddings are hectic, schedules change by the minute. Having a first look helps release the stress of being in a constant time crunch. You will have more time to take photos, you, your family and bridal party will be able to enjoy the cocktail hour, and the main reason, this will be the only time during the entire wedding day that you get to spend with your groom/partner alone and without interruptions.