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Larchmont Shore Club NY Wedding Photographer

All of the wedding day images are important, they all have a place in creating a beautiful story of your wedding but the real favorites and the attention grabbers are always the couple's portraits! These romantic portraits of just the two of you will be the images you will frame and hang in your home for all to see and they will also be the centerpiece photos in your wedding storybook that you will enjoy for generations to come. The images from the couple's portraits are always a favorite not only because of their beauty and artistic feel to them but because this is the most incredible part of the day. This is one of the only times the two of you will be alone during the wedding day. You will have the opportunity to enjoy each other and really connect with each while creating amazing images of the two of you. The couple's portraits are usually done before the ceremony - right after the first look if you are having one - or during part of cocktail hour if you decide not to do a first look.


From experience, I know all brides and grooms want their closest friends to have an amazing time during the wedding and - as far as photography goes - we will make sure they have a great experience and great photographs to tell the story! In my opinion bridal party photos should be fun, they should be cool and they should look like photographs you find in a fashion or editorial magazine and not a set of boring photographs where the photographer just places everyone in a single line with the girls holding their flowers at the wait and guys just standing there staring at the camera!


I totally realize that in most cases the family formals are the least favorite part of the wedding. No one wants to be in from of the camera, no one wants to miss the fun, and no one really wants to line up and look straight at the camera, how boring it that! Believe it or not some of the most treasured photographs of a wedding are the family formals and over the years they truly become family heirlooms. Just imagine yourself 50 years from now when your son or daughter is holding a photograph where mom and dad looking amazingly are being held by their parents and they by their parents, this photograph just became an invaluable family heirloom that can not be replicated!


Around three months before the wedding, we will send you a "Wedding Day Questionnaire". This is a very important as the answers will help us plan for the day and avoid unnecessary issues or miscommunications. One of the main components of the questionnaire centers around your family and the images we need to take. Our main goal here is to know about family dynamics and for you to let us know who will take part in the wedding day family formals and the groupings you need us to capture. Some of the question we ask include:

How many bridesmaids, groomsmen will you have? Are there flower girls/ring bearers?

Who will we photograph in both side of the families? and to list their names and relationships

Are there any situations that we should know about? Deaths in the family and divorces are the most common situations that might get uncomfortable if we don't know how to address them in advance. We always want to be aware of these situations beforehand, and we truly appreciate your help with this!


Normally we photograph the immediate family in both side during the family formals. Extended family or close friends can be photograph if the time allows and during the reception.

Here are several suggested groupings. Most couples have between 10 to 15 grouping during the family formals.

  1. Couple w/ One Side Parents
  2. Couple w/ One Side Parents & Siblings
  3. Couple w/ One Side Parents & Grandparents
  4. Couple w/ One Side Parents & Grandparents & Siblings
  5. Couple w/ The Other Side Parents
  6. Couple w/ The Other Side Parents & Siblings
  7. Couple w/ The Other Side Parents & Grandparents
  8. Couple w/ The Other Side Parents & Grandparents & Siblings
  9. Couple w/ Both Sets of Parents
  10. Couple w/ Ring Bearer
  11. Couple w/ Flower Girls

The family formals part of the wedding day can be difficult and uncomfortable for some family members. No one wants to be in front of a camera or wait while they can be enjoying a drink at the bar. Whenever possible and to make this experience more enjoyable designate a family member or one of your bridesmaids to help us gather all the people taking part of the family formals and keep them in one place. This will make the shoot go faster and smother!